How to repair drywall hole, drywall repair. Easy! Home Mender.

Dustin Luby, the Home Mender demonstrates how to repair a hole in the wall in drywall. You can do it! Home Mender. source

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Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Screwing

In drywall installation, screws usually go six on the edge and 12 on the field. Screw drywall with tips from a licensed contractor in this free video on home … source

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11 Tips for Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor

A contractor skims a ceiling while working on a home improvement project. by stephanieisenbe

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Painting & Home Repair Services

Pam Stoner is among the home improvement contractors who offer a variety of painting services. This professional offers drywall repairs and installations, artistic finishes, and more. Click to get a free quote for this Phoenix based drywall contractor. Source by BestOfPhoenix

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